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Cuba Bar. Yellow Submarine
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Cuba Bar. Yellow Submarine

( Artex )

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Cultural Program from March 15 to 20
Hour: 8:30 pm

Tuesday      15: Los Kent
Wednesday 16: Magical Beat
Thursday      17: Los Tackson
Friday     18: Magical Beat
Saturday     19: Los Kent
Sunday   20: Red X

From 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm recorded music and videos


Cuba Bar.
Located in 17th Street, corner 6, Vedado.
La Habana
With a Beatle's touch

Located on the street 17 corner 6¬† ‚Äč‚Äčin the Vedado (Havana), opposite the park with John Lennon's sculpture Cuban artists and intellectuals inaugurated the "Yellow Submarine", a unique cultural center of the company Artex.

Inspired by the statue of Lennon which is only 96 steps, the project responds to the creativity and commitment of designers Elizabeth Rojas Monzón, Maikel Sánchez and Rafael Mateu Cal Dorado, included the repair of the old Atelier Club and the development of different cultural concept.

The creators of the project would be reflected in that pretentious, name of school to assume as The Beatles (British band of the decade of 1960 that revolutionized rock music and pop), that is why we decided to choose "Yellow Submarine", the title of a topic Music that is immediately recognized in both English and Spanish, as a classic in the repertoire of the band.

With this criterion the Yellow Submarine is present in the music and graphics of The Beatles resulting in a hymn to friendship. Moreover, there are posters, comics, record covers and an animated feature film with that title, which shows characters in a fantastic and unreal world created to convey social messages of peace and love, which achieved great success to six years of existence this group .

Having made that decision, created and recreated through design, lighting and ambience, a look at the heyday of The Beatles, which was added another important aspect is that the Club is located in the basement of a building, which may be associated with a submarine sensually.

The bar takes details of the submarine hatches such as the keels, the tubular forms and proportions.

Color as a protagonist, takes the chromatic harmonies Pop saturated and bright on a dark blue provides the unique intimacy of these rooms which together with the lyrics of songs, captured on the walls, forming an active part of the local graphic , expressed in dynamic style, create empathy in visitors to the area, with the work of the Beatles and the closer to the original texts of his most famous songs.

The "Yellow Submarine" will be open from Tuesday to Sunday in the hours of 2 pm to 8 pm, with free admission. In that time, visitors can enjoy songs by The Beatles and audiovisual as well as groups that were highlighted in the 60 and 70, in the genre pop / rock.

Starting at 9 pm and until 2 am, the entry will be in local currency and the audience can interact with a live musical group different every night.

At the opening of the submarine, was paid deserved tribute to the maestro Leo Brouwer, staunch defender of the music of The Beatles, who on March 1 celebrated its 72nd birthday.

The artistic proposal opening, had the players to the group 'The Kent "who inspired John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, was founded in 1965 under the direction of René Carlos Carnero and remain within their repertoire The Beatles classic.
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